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DrinksWithAVC (DWAVC)

Bree Hanson & Vikram Lakhwara

Hi, we're Bree Hanson & Vikram Lakhwara. DrinksWithAVC combines three of our favorite things - people, entrepreneurship, and cocktails.

We aim to provide our listeners with an unfiltered look at the individuals in the venture capital industry behind the investment decisions. Each week we'll dig into the life experiences and current events that shape our guest's mindset and approach to their craft, and try and have a few laughs in the process.

What makes us qualified to host? Bree leads business development for Ravix and Vik is the co-founder of Green Cow Venture Capital. Together, they have decades of working in the startup ecosystem.

A director's cut of each episode is available on our Youtube channel. Please visit and subscribe!